Woman to Woman

Woman to Woman bus

Women from the Women's Academy for Africa, 'Tha'era' and our sister parties from the Balkans meet with campaigners from the Labour Party following the 2015 Labour Women's Network (LWN) Political Day

Each year, the Labour Women's Network organises its Political Day; a one day conference designed by women for women. In February 2015, this took place in Manchester and we were delighted to host 12 women from a selection of our sister parties and regional networks.

The women who attended the programme found it extremely useful and inspiring. On their return, the participants got in touch to let us know that they had been really moved by LWN's 'Power Pledge' - a pledge to give real power to women - and would like to replicate the concept in their own countries. One participant said the programme was "a lifetime practical experience" and the opportunity to meet with women from the UK and from across the world who have such vast experience of political life has made her a different person.

Hosted at the People's History Museum, a museum that records the history of Britain's labour and trades union movement, the Political Day focused on the future of the NHS and Labour's commitment to protecting the health service from the savages of Tory cuts. Afterwards, delegates were able to meet with local campaigners on board Labour's pink bus; a bus that will tour the UK ahead of May's General Election for Labour's candidates to meet with women voters face to face. 


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