Training trainers from WAFA


Joined by the Executive of the Women's Academy for Africa, 16 regional trainers are trained in a module around leadership skills.

The first stage of a new programme agreed by the Women's Academy for Africa (WAFA) was completed in Botswana in January 2015.

Over two days, 16 women representing each of WAFA's four regions were exposed to an original curriculum around 'leadership'. Four modules focused on assertiveness, leadership, campaign management and media campaign strategies whilst a fifth helped the participants prepare as trainers.

This training was delivered by a team of international trainers, including two experts from the Labour Party and was well received by all of the participants. Several praised the quality of the training and others felt that they would leave Botswana a different person.

Stage two is now under way where the 16 women will train a further 100 women in the same curriculum meaning WAFA will have a pool of trainers across the continent ready for stage three which will target grass roots women.

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