The Women's Academy for Africa agrees a new action plan


At a two day meeting in Accra, the executive of the Women's Academy for Africa agrees that it will train up to 170 women in four regions across Africa.

Attended by women from nine political parties, as well as representatives from the Labour Party, the newly elected executive of the Women's Academy for Africa (WAFA) agreed its constitution and a tentative plan of action for the next 12 months.

This plan of action will be written in detail by the committee and will include a detailed activity plan to directly train up to 170 women from the four regions represented in WAFA.

The Labour Party has been a keen supporter of WAFA since the initial desire to set up a regional network for socialist and social democratic women was identified in Ghana in 2009. WAFA itself was set up two years later at a meeting in Tanzania in 2011 and in the two years since the network has delivered three regional workshops.  The term of the original executive expired in 2013 and a new four-year executive was elected at a meeting in London.  They were tasked with finalising WAFA's constitution and assessing the baseline of each member party. This meeting in Ghana six months later was an opportunity to review the baseline data and determine the common needs of WAFA's members.  It was also an opportunity to agree WAFA's constitution and determine the location of the secretariat for WAFA.

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