Tha'era marches on


In February and March, three national train-the-trainers workshops were completed in Egypt and Morocco around 'political action for women'.

Building on the success of the regional train-the-trainers completed in Tunis in November 2013, already we have seen three of the five member parties of the Arab Women's Network for Parity and Solidarity, or Tha'era, organise their follow up workshops. 

Once completed, a team of 100 national trainers will train up to 2,000 women in four countries in the Middle East and North Africa in key skills needed for political action.

The regional train-the-trainers was delivered by five international trainers, including one from the Labour Party, and was delivered through a bespoke handbook made up of five modules: messaging; public speaking; working with the media; lobbying and advocacy; and campaign strategy.  This handbook is now being adapted for each national audience but the core subject material remains the same.

The Arab Women's Network for Parity and Solidarity/Tha'era was established with Labour Party support in Tunis in 2013 and brings together social democratic women from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia.  It seeks to empower women to ensure they have the skills and confidence to challenge the status quo.

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