Our Political Youth Academy enters its fourth year

Participants on the 2014 Political Academy

Young political activists from Eastern Europe and the south Caucasus take part in the fourth annual political academy.

In July 2014, the Labour Party in partnership with the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity (EFDS) and the Foundation Max van der Stoel (Netherlands), organised the fourth annual academy in Moldova.

Over a three day programme, the participants developed their political and communication skills through a range of interactive workshops and discussions which included political theory, public speaking, campaigning, and negotiation theory. The academy also provided a forum for the participants to strengthen the regional network of young social democrats.

During the visit the participants were able to call upon the Moldovan Parliament, where they were welcomed by the President of the Parliament.

In the last three years, the political academy has improved the political and communication skills of approximately 70 individuals from parties and organisations across Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus. Furthermore, the programme has strengthened the participants’ capabilities to influence political discourse by improving their ability to articulate social democratic principles. We plan to continue to support the targeted individuals by organising a further alumni workshop in the near future.

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