Slovenia Local Elections Study Programme

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Local Elections Study Visit, Slovenia: 29 September - 3 October 2014

Let us know your thoughts from your visit by filling in the box below. What were your initial impressions? Is there anything you learnt that you will apply in your own party's campaign? Do you have any ideas for any future visits?

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  • Jovana Majstorovic
    commented 2014-10-20 07:04:52 +0100
    The study visit was very usefull since we have visited five municipalities and participated in a way in the local campagne. I have noticed many similarities with the campagne in my country, but from the other side I saw some things that I will be thinking of implementing in my party s campagne.

    Participants were all very good,so we had opportynity to change ideas between ourselves.

    Howard was very proffesional and friendly.

    Hope to continue with this program.
  • Sasha Bogdanovikj
    commented 2014-10-13 12:40:19 +0100
    The organization was outstanding and the study visit was valuable experience that gave me the opportunity to witness different styles of SD campaign in different cities. SD appointed a very kind and polite candidate, women as a leader of the SD there- according to me it is very respectable that in Slovenia the women are equally involved in politics as are men. I am very grateful that I had the occasion to be a part of this amazing programme, which gave me the chance to meet different people with same field of interest. I must say that the seminar woke up in me some new ideas for the future, such as the way voters should be approached. The constant work, champagnes, deliverable promises, clever and rational use of resources, DATE base/recording, good promo materials are the fundamental sources for the proper work of the party.
  • Ljubo Filipović
    commented 2014-10-09 09:37:17 +0100
    Visit was good planned and we had a great opportunity to observe different styles of SD campaign in different cities. SD is recovering from the parliamentary elections and things on local level are showing that they are doing it well. Activists are still low on enthusiasm and SD needs rediscovering it’s ideology, it’s moving power. With that we will have all the specific assignments in the campaign more easily done.

    Participants group is great and I am suggesting that we continue programme through following campaigns in our own countries.

    Howard was inspiring and very proffessional!
  • Bogdan Tatic
    commented 2014-10-08 16:59:27 +0100
    we have visited 5 different municipalities, with different mentality of voters. Ptuj, as a first place we have been is very conservative place with a lot of old voters. Good thing is that SD appointed a very kind and polite candidate, women as a leader of the SD there. They have a support from a secretary of the state which is clever political decision, because that lady is not so popular in the Ptuj, because she is a “new face” there. Wrong thing in campaign is they did not a make a posters with a candidates for all group of voters, like they did not have pensioners. Also they put a candidates on the posters with a sun glasses, because of that they did not have a visual contact with their voters on those posters.

    Velenje is the best organized place we met in Slovenia for SD. They are working with their voters all the time, 4 years, they have a strong candidate and a good local team. Maybe, they need to “push harder” their voters with a campaign door to door etc….

    about a new ideas and what i have learnt , i must say that i have found lot of good ideas about promo materials, i have also confirmed myself that the best approach for the voters is the permanent work, DATE base/recording is the fundamental for the proper work of the party.

    I have a suggestion for the Slovenia colleagues, as i have already mentioned them.

    In my oppinion they really need to work like Velenje doing. Strong leader, permanent work with a voters, more activity on the social networks, strong local team. More actions to the voters, not only soft approach like with a stands, much more talking with them directly, and the most important thing: DATE BASES of the voters. Also tehniques of inviting supports, think they can devolp it, like we need that also here in Serbia, open invite for the friends of members and supporters etc….

    i have an extraordinary experience in Slovenia, will like to be a part of the future programs, and i will like to give my best efforts in sharing our activity !

    Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this well organized project!

    Best regards,

    Bogdan Tatic, Democratic Party Serbia, Belgrade
  • Igor Batog
    commented 2014-10-08 09:14:49 +0100
    Another most valuable experience that comes in handy in creating a broad and comprehensive image of the local & national elections (following the previous visit as well) in a Eastern European (Balkan) State. I would like to poin out in the first place it has substantiated the knowldge we have gained in the nationals and stressed possible mistakes in the locals; among these: empathy in adressing the electorate (e.g. “our children/grandparents”, use of birthday or celebration cards/mail), getting on personal with each voter, creating the connection, the importance of a strong candidate & pin pointed campaign, deliverable promises, rational and ergonomic use of resources (e.g. new media impact, new campaign canvasing strategies, such as use of a symbolic automobile or constant interaction with the electorate through alternative means/events). In the same regard perhaps the omissions we learn on account the risks of starting late in a campaign or with little emotion (dedication), the lack of a detailed database on the voters, youngster’s neglect, the difficulty of breaking stereotypes or long standing political traditions in certain regions (especially in the local elections), difficulty of attracting members / supporters as frustration towards politics in general grows, and to that end the ever increasing threat that new candidates (i.e. local parties or “cowboys”) pose. That being said allow me to thank you for another most valuable visit. I will certainly convey my “lessons” to DPM and hope we will learn on those. We are facing a challenging campaign and national & local elections in the nearest future which always serves as the reality test for political parties agenda. Should that be of interest we will share our experiences with you and on my part I look very much forward to another opportunity to broaden my horizons.
  • Stela Nistor
    commented 2014-10-07 09:47:46 +0100
    The study visit was interesting and useful. I was mainly interested in the women’s experience related to the electoral campaign. I noticed that the number of women involved in politics in Slovenia is quite high, in comparison to my country, the Republic of Moldova. I would like to contribute to changing the current state of affairs, so that the share of women in total representatives in the Parliament and the Government amount to 50 per cent. I will share the things I learned during my visit with my colleagues from the Women’s Organization of the Democratic Party, so as by joint efforts to strengthen the woman’s role in politics.