Sharing policy making ideas

Meeting Angela Eagle MPParticipants from Africa, Asia and the Balkans attend a four day study programme which focused on policy making.

The programme took place alongside the Labour Party's 2014 Annual Conference and exposed the participants to the role conference plays in the party's policy making processes.

This was a significant year for the process as it is was the final stage in deciding the document that will form the basis of Labour's manifesto in 2015. The National Policy Forum report drafted in July was the culmination of four years' debate which involved a variety of stakeholders, both internally from the party as well as external input from interested organisations and charities. Conference debated the eight chapters of the report before finally sanctioning it as the party's official policy platform for next year.

The study programme introduced the participants to the role and structure of the National Policy Forum and included meetings with key stakeholders including Angela Eagle MP, Chair of the National Policy Forum (pictured). There was also time for the participants to discuss their own policy making structures and to learn about each other's challenges and experiences.

Following the programme, participants have already expressed their enthusiasm for replicating some of the structures and institutions used by the Labour Party in their own parties. This is something we hope to support in the months ahead.

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