Sharing Campaign Best Practice - Parts 3 and 4

DPM ActivistsOur group from South Eastern Europe meet activists in Moldova ahead of its important general election in November. 

Following visits to the UK in April and Slovenia in July, our group of aspiring and serving politicians from South Eastern Europe visited Slovenia ahead of their local elections and Moldova ahead of their general election.

The participants were delighted to have the opportunity to return to Slovenia in September to compare the delivery of a local campaign with the organisation seen during the final week of the general election. This was particularly paramount as the elections had been less than satisfactory for our sister party, the Social Democrats. The group spent time with the Mayoral candidates from Ptuj and were given presentations on the national election campaign before attending a series of election events in Ljubljana. 

On their return the group requested a visit to Moldova ahead of its crucial general election at the end of November. We were delighted to be able to grant this request and the group spent time learning about the Democratic Party of Moldova's campaigns in Nisporeni and the capital Chisinau.

The final visit of the programme will take place next year when the group will again have the opportunity to observe a general election campaign, but this time in the UK.

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