Sharing Campaign Best Practice - Part 2

Sharing Campaign Best Practice - Part 2

Participants from South Eastern Europe observe Slovenia's general election campaign following a similar visit to the UK in April this year.

Building on from the success of the first campaign visit to the UK in April, the Labour Party organised a follow up visit for the same group to observe the final stages of the general election campaign in Slovenia.

Over three days, the group learnt about the Slovenian Social Democrats' (SD) - our sister party - national campaign strategy and observed two different campaigns: one in Piran on the western coast of Slovenia and a second in the capital city, Ljubljana. This ensured the group were able to see how the campaign differed in an area that had previously been a stronghold for the SD (Piran) and compare it to where the party was traditionally less strong (Ljubljana). 

We were pleased to be able to extend the group so that each invited party was able to send two representatives and were also able to provide some continuity from the original visit to London by sending Labour Party representation to the programme.

As the general election in Slovenia was unexpected, this was an additional opportunity for the group to observe an election campaign in an EU country and we hope to organise the originally planned local elections focused visit to Slovenia in the autumn. 

In the end, the SD returned six Deputies to the new parliament, with a national vote share of 5.98 per cent.

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