The Summer Academy enters its fifth year!

Summer Academy Participants

Participants from Eastern Europe developed new skills in political ideology and public speaking and became trainers in their own

In August 2015, the Labour Party organised the fifth annual political academy.

Bringing together young social democrats from Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine the programme was altered this year to include a ‘train the trainers’ element.

This will help ensure the training doesn’t end at the venue, but instead the participants will have the skills and confidence to repeat the training when they return home.

Regional workshops like this are important for building dialogue and overcoming prejudice, and we were delighted to bring young activists from Russia to Ukraine. Relations between these two countries have deteriorated in recent times following the annexation of Crimea. It is so vital to create a forum for relations to develop between these nations.

The Political Youth Academy is organised in partnership with the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity (EFDS) and the Foundation Max van der Stoel (Netherlands). It was hosted by the Institute of Democracy and Social Progress in Lviv, Ukraine.

For more information on the Summer Academy, visit their new website by clicking here.

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