Future Leaders Training

How did it go?

Future Leaders' Training: Jordan, November 2014

Let us know your thoughts from your visit by filling in the box below.

  • What were your initial impressions?
  • Is there anything you learnt that you will apply in your own party right away?
  • How are you doing with the assignments that were set?
  • What sort of training you would like the follow up visit in February to include.

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  • hanen hamrouni
    commented 2014-12-28 19:11:39 +0000
    it was really interesting i learn how to work in groups with different views and new ideas

    discuss with others political mouvement and also thier condition . Now I know the problems of each country and the solutions Which will help me in my party. concerning the tasks that have been set I’m working on it now ; soon I would finish .

    the type of training that I like to follow-up visit in February to include is the political message and effective way to deliver them to the people in short
  • Mohamed Sayed Mohamed Abd Elrazek
    commented 2014-12-28 18:58:12 +0000
    My initial impressions the training was very strong , the trainers were excellent and Jordanian Commission For Democratic Culture helped and supported us in every thing.

    Alot of things I learnt and will apply in our own party for example as follows:

    Political leadership skills.


    3- communication.

    -I think still have time to doing it and will send it as soon as possible

    -I would like the training in February include local councilors
  • Jad Shaya
    commented 2014-12-16 10:09:53 +0000
  • Belguith
    commented 2014-12-15 21:14:01 +0000
    Meet excellent and good configuration in terms of the program I liked the way the provision of information from components party

    I learned how to edit the configuration of a successful and a good political speech and also learned to deal with the media and the press report

    I hope to continue training and more experience in the political sphere
  • Murad Saleem
    commented 2014-12-15 18:23:07 +0000
    Very good, I got new idea about writing a message and Nice training for media reports, and we need more workshops in advocating.
  • Salaheddine Hadder
    commented 2014-12-14 13:59:12 +0000
  • Dana Abu Baker
    commented 2014-12-11 16:04:54 +0000
    1- I had a good impression about this course and what it contains from political issues such as, elections campaigns and introducing to the other political movements .

    2- birzeit university elections is coming soon, and so a new methods of contacting with students will be used as the way I learned .

    3- Iam still working on it .

    4- I would like to concentrate on the methods of organizing public activities and similar issues
  • Ayach Mounia
    commented 2014-12-10 17:13:56 +0000
    فعلا الدورة التكوينية كانت فرثة ومحطة للتعريف ليس بتوجهات حزبنا فقط وانما حتى اوضاع بلادنا وتصورات المستقبلية ..لطرح لا الاشتغال على الحلول والبدائل كشابات وشباب لنا تجربة واحتكاك

    في الميدانن ولما لا الاالعمل على مشروع تقدمي حداثي ديمقراطيي بين البلدان يكون انطلاق لحركة شبابية جديدة لضخ دماء التغيير ومكافحة الفقر والجتهميش وذلك بمساعدة طبعا وتعاون بين بلدان سبقتنا في التجربة ي
  • Chama Samir
    commented 2014-12-10 11:18:34 +0000
    The course was great, the workshops were useful and pour into the heart of the matter, we thank you very much, and we hope to meet with you in on other occasions and other training nacelle, Greetings
  • Safaa Benmessaoud
    commented 2014-12-09 19:39:12 +0000
    since our arrival until departure everything was excellent, I really apreciate the work of the group with all the participants from different countries, not to mention the warm welcome we Jordanian friends.

    I’m currently working on the project based on real field data
  • Anton Wadea Alxan Magharious
    commented 2014-12-09 19:12:28 +0000
    my initial impression every thing ok hotel , trainers and subjects

    i will apply campaigning and communicate the massage
  • Anton Wadea Alxan Magharious
    commented 2014-12-09 19:12:26 +0000
    my initial impression every thing ok hotel , trainers and subjects

    i will apply campaigning and communicate the massage