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  • commented on Elections in 2015 and 2016 2015-07-06 11:06:20 +0100

    I’m Bohdan Ferens, the Founder of the New Social Democratic Platform (Ukraine).

    With the aim to continue so useful programme as election study visits I would like to give some comments.

    1. The UK’s General Election Study Visit gave me the possibility to get a new experience on the UK political system, campaigning, and main political and economic topics.
    This experience I’m sharing with the activists from the New Social Democratic Platform through the internal meetings and workshops. We also organised a special event (May, 7 2015) for other partner organisations to learn together the innovative approaches in doing campaigning.
    At least in four different events in which I participated as a moderator or speaker, I shared my experience that I have received in the UK. Besides the representatives of NGOs from more than 7 regions of Ukraine, some trade union leaders and students took part in these activities.
    Also as part of the New SD platform strategy development, we focus more attention on the work with the database of our activists. This recommendation we have received from the Mr. Mann (MP), with whom we met during our visit.

    2. I am very interested in the continuation of this Programme, as it helps to get useful skills and knowledge, and motivates to improve the personal abilities and the internal work of our movement. All this affects the process of political transformation in Ukraine.

    3. Of course, the opportunity to participate in this Programme would be very useful for my colleagues from the New SD Platform. For example, our Coordination Group includes colleagues who are responsible for the communication with the activists, as well as for the development of campaigns, such as the fight against populism. Also we are very active in the regions and for our regional coordinators especially from the East of Ukraine it would be very helpful too.

    4. As I know the elections in Spain, Portugal and Poland are planned in the near future. In Portugal and Spain the socialists have a very good chance to win. It would be interesting to learn about their experiences, especially in the context of the fighting with the non systemic left-wing populists such as Podemos.

    I hope that my feedback will help you in continuation of this useful and international Programme!

  • commented on Observing the UK's General Election 2015-06-03 22:40:13 +0100
    The Study Visit organized by the Labour Party was the essential motivation for me personally and my colleagues from the New Social Democratic Platform to share new experience with different partner organizations in Ukraine.

    We organised and conducted a very successful event in Kiev (May, 7 ). The participants were invited to this meeting, in which we have shared our new experience on the UK political system, campaigning, main political and economic topics.

    Some pictures from the event you can find on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NewSDPlatform.
    On the eve of the election I’ve also prepared an article “What Ukrainians need to know about the UK elections?” Here the link:http://blogs.lb.ua/bogdan_ferens/304165_shcho_varto_znati_pro_vibori_velikiy.html

    It is not so easy for me to say about the reasons of these results. I am confident that the campaign was one of the largest and well-organised. I think that the context of changing and transformation of the electoral fields in the UK played a big role.

    I’m glad to know that the struggle is going to continue! I believe that many passive citizens will change their attitude to the political life and will join the Labour Party.

    I would like to say a big thanks one more time and I hope for the further fruitful cooperation with participants of this Visit.