Participants from our study visits sustain the relationships built whilst in the UK.

Working together across borders to tackle common challenges is an important part of any democratic society. The Labour Party's work in facilitating exchanges through study visits and similar events is a major contributor to this. 

Our 2013 Annual Conference study programme was open to young people from Africa, the Middle East and the Western Balkans and encouraged the development of regional links between the representatives. 

This week, Albania was granted official EU candidate status.  Last weekend, two of the participants who attended our 2013 Annual Conference Study Programme met again at an event in Montenegro that shared online campaigning tips. Having an existing relationship helped 'break the ice' for the other participants and contributes to building long term relationships between parties. 

In July, the youth forum of the Socialist Party of Albania will host an event in Albania called "Beograna". This is the culmination of an idea generated following a discussion between participants from Belgrade (Beog) and Tirana (rana) who met at the same study programme. The event is entitled "Challenges of Education in Albania and Serbia seen from the perspective of youth" and will share best practice and different views from speakers from the two countries.

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